Drumroll!!! Welcome OAuth2 Client

This week has been pretty exciting thus far. It started off with an amazing GSoC Kickoff meeting where Harsha and Suranga and I discussed about the scope and implementation of the project in quite some depth. You can take a look at the notes from the meeting.

A major development is that I will be coding an OAuth2 client API as well. This API would be utilized by module developers to make requests to external OAuth2 based servers. This opens up a big window of information exchange as Client requests to OpenMRS modules could be forwarded to external resource Servers, with the OpenMRS module acting as a client for the external OAuth server.

There are certain design considerations that we came accross while discussing the OAuth Cleint API during the meeting. I am almost done with the UML diagrams and will be posting a wiki page on my personal space tonight, explaining more about the issue.

I have continued work on the prototype. It’s almost there ;). I’ll get it functional by the end of this week.I learnt a lot about using Liquibase and Hibernate in modules in the process. Watch out for upcoming posts 🙂

This was more of a project oriented post. I’m gonna make another post about the cool stuff I learnt about writing tests and the testing architecture of OpenMRS.


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