Prototype, Design Call and Client

So there’s not much work left on the prototype. I am facing hibernate mapping issues in my tests. Hopefully they get fixed soon so I can focus on the smaller tasks left (a UI form and controller).

I am excited to get a chance to discuss the project with the developers on tomorrow’s Design Call. The input from the dev team would really help me to better understand their expectations from this project and I’d also get some useful tips to proceed 🙂

After a lot of thought and discussion with the mentors, we have concluded that designing a Generic Client is not very feasible. After chasing the Oauth Server, which is the primary goal of this project, I plan to follow a 1 interface per OAuth Client approach to design the Client. More details on this after the Design call tomorrow.

My blog about the Testing Framework of OpenMRS is due. I feel I should do that once the current bugs in the testing of the prototype are fixed. I’d put it up on the first week of GSoC

Lastly, my exams are real close. My activity is going to drop during 20-30May. But I am really pumped to cover all the time lost by putting in extra effort when I resume \m/


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