FOSSASIA 2016 :Asia’s Largest Open Technology Summit

This year’s FOSSASIA conference was a full circle for me. I had attended my first FOSSASIA conference last year which is where I first met Harsha Siriwardena and Michael Downey from OpenMRS and became heavily involved first through Google Summer of Code 2015 and then as Release Manager of Platform 2.0 and the Developer Tools Manager.


We kicked off the Singapore trip with a presentation at Hackerspace Awesome Talks at HackerspaceSG. It was a great experience introducing OpenMRS to hacker community in Singapore.

I spent a lot of my time outside the conference visiting a few spaces in Singapore that could be ideal for the OpenMRS hackathon including HackerspaceSG, The Hub, a few locations in Chinatown etc.


I teamed up with Huiren to take the hackathon forward and have been able to establish some progress on that front as a result of our efforts during FOSSASIA. We already have a developer forum slot for 14th April to discuss the current proposal with OpenMRS community. In addition, we proposed a brand new health track for FOSSASIA ‘17 where we plan to feature talks, sessions and workshops related to Healthcare IT and associated fields, I recently got a follow-up mail from Mario Behling and I will keep on it to make sure we have  a full-fledged health track at the next FOSSASIA summit.


FOSSASIA  officially began from 18th.This year, FOSSASIA was even bigger and better with a lot more leaders/contributors and a longer list of attendees, more than a 1000 participants and about 200 speakers from 32 different countries. That’s a truly global reach and a fantastic melting pot of developers from all walks of life.  What really makes this valuable is that each and every person at the event is someone who’s been working on something really brilliant and it’s always a great learning experience to talk to them and also collaborate with them.  I met a lot of people passionate about space, including Cal Allman, Stephanie Taylor, Hong Phuc, Mario, Harish Pillai, Huiren, Daniel Pocock etc. As the person on the other side of the table representing OpenMRS, I found a lot of interest among the developers and students attending about the work that we do at OpenMRS and how they can be a part of it.



I attended the keynotes by Harish Pillai where we concluded why Open Source is the foundation of all software being produced today and that it’s they key to the future of software industry. Cat Allman from the Google Open Source Programs Office talked about the awesome work being done by their team and why Google loves Open Source, In a slide where she talked about the open source science projects, OpenMRS was featured



Besides the keynotes, I attended a number of talks and sessions at FOSSASIA, including the 5 hour Node-School workshop, the workshop on Free Real-time Communications (SIP, XMPP, WebRTC) by Daniel Pocock,mining public large-scale datasets with open source tools by Alexander Bezzubov from Apache and Anomaly detection by Adam Drake. I really liked the talk by FOSSA, the organization leading open source projects in Vietnam .


I gave a talk on Saturday, March 19th on my Oauth2 project with OpenMRS. In my talk, I introduced the attendees to openMRS and what the community does. The core of the discussion was a quick introduction on how developers can set-up an OAuth2 authorization server and start managing the interactions of third-party applications with their system/APIs.


Following up on the RTC ladder, I also Alexandre Lision’s session on how Ring is a secure and modern open source RTC app.I also attended Saptarsi’s awesome talk on the networks and certification process of the openMRS community and spread the word about OpenMRS as much as possible, especially for those interested in the health track and the upcoming hackathon that I’m helping plan. The pre-summit Meetup at Redhat, Dinner in Bugis-Steamboat and drinks with speakers at Clarke Quay before the event gave me a chance to talk to some of the speakers and Redhatters.I also talked with a lot of people at the conference about the work being done at OpenMRS and we can expect new community members and contributors to our community in the coming time.



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