Week 8 : Eureka!!!! Authorization Server migrated to OAuth2 module

I have finally managed to set up the authorization server completely inside the OAuth2 module.

The token endpoint being used by the module is : /ws/oauth.token and it is completely functional. Here is a screen shot of a sample access token obtained by a client using the OAuth2 module :

OAuth2 module token endpoint

see the browser URL on the RHS of the screen

From here, it should be easy to persist tokens and authorization code in the mysql database.

I am currently working on a video demo to show the OAuth2 module issuing tokens. It could not be posted last Monday due to a lot of bugs that popped up while integrating the Authorization Server. It will be up for sure this Monday 🙂

I am now proceeding with the tasks mentioned in the step 2 of previous blog post

Wish me luck 😀


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