Week 7 : Authorization Server from within the OAuth2 module

Good news is that spring-security is working well with the OAuth2 module.

I can intercept any OpenMRS URI and apply spring security filters to handle user authentication and authorization 🙂

I am proceeding on adding spring security oauth project. I am working on a demo video to demonstrate the how spring-security-oauth will work with the OAuth module. I’ll be posting it sson

The tasks for this week are :

  • Step 1 : integrate the mid term demo inside OAuth2 module
    • progress :
      • Spring security works fine, tested to intercept all requests to FHIR module
      • set up wireframe and using OAuth2 InMemoryDataStores
      • TeamViewer session
    • Target
      • June 12, 2015 mid-night
  • Step 2 : provide custom implementation for the following
    • UserDetailsService and UserDetails (spring-security-core)
      • map to existing users table to verify user credentials
    • ClientDetailsUserService and ClientDetails (spring-security-oauth)
      • map to read data from oauth_clients table
    • TokenStore
      • custom implementation of JdbcTokenStore class to persist tokens in mysql database
    • Step 3 : Authorization code and Implicit grant type
    • confirm_access i.e /authorize endpoint
      • configure in <authorization_server> to show custom jsp page
    • Step 4 : custom form-login
      • Need to show OpenMRS login page to client or a similar looking page
      • Possible Challenge : linking spring security login with normal login
        • Requirement : symmetric relation
          • normal login should register a new spring security login
          • spring security login should register a normal login
        • Need to know how normal login works. Any extension point? preferably do not modify code of core
        • Alternative:
          • keep login’s separate

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