Week 3 Updates on OAuth2 module

Here is the weekly dev report :

  • Initially I faced bugs introducing @transactional annotattions in the project.
  • Tests, Service Later and Dao complete for client registrations.
  • Prototype will be done and ready for testing in the next 3 days
  • I will be studying UI Framework and some Groovy to make the module comply with the new UI. Here’s a talk post reagarding that : https://talk.openmrs.org/t/openmrs-2-x-ui-support-for-oauth-module/2165
  • Spring security oauth project looks like good to incorporate in the project. I have studied the documentation and will be adding the API to the OAuth module today. If if does not work out (most likely cause is version incompatibility in openmrs-core 1.10 spring and Spring framework used by the project), I will still use a similar architecture as the apring security oauth project so that in future we could support it.

I attended the developer’s forum this week to understand the challenges that would be faced when upgrading the module to work with OpenMRS 2.x. It was good to understand that not much is required to change to Hibernate 4 ,Spring 4.x and Java8 (unless using advanced language features like generics).

This week I plan to complete the prototype and make a video demonstration. It is not a big task if the spring oauth project is seamlessly incorporated, Fingers crossed 🙂


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