Spring Oauth Project might be on the way!!

This week I have completed setting up the architecture of the Oauth module. I added sample data and tests for the service Iayer. I devoted more time on the prototype.

As I am developing both the prototype and the final module in parallel, I have to often switch between JDK 7 and JDK 8.

One Major blocker was that while testing the prototype that hibernate was not able to map annotated classes. I was able to fix it by modifying classpath for test resources in IntellijIdea’s project settings. I’m not a very experienced tester, but it’s a bit strange to see that the IDE is affecting development. I always believed that choice of IDE and the product developed/ tested should be independent of each other.

Read more about how I resolved it here

  1. Talk thread
  2. Question on Ask 

Anyway, the coming week is pretty important and I am excited to try out Spring Security Oauth project and figure out how to integrate it with the current development plans. This would incredibly reduce the development time and also make it easy to contribute to the oauth module as we would be using a standard spring project. 🙂

Harsha and I are planning to move the JIRA project tickets into weekly or bi-weekly sprints from this week or the next. I have drafted a sample Sprint Schedule that we could follow.

  • Sprint 1 : Client Registration (1 week)
    Sprint 1 : Set-up Spring OAuth, tokens, (^ same week)
    Sprint 2 : Authorization Code and Implicit Grant Type (2 weeks)
    Sprint 3 : Client Credentials and Resource Owner Password Credentials GT(1 week)
    Sprint 4 : Testing, Documentation, Bug Fixes + OAuth Client

Looking forward to another productive week 😀


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