Coding Begins!!

The official coding period for GSoC 2015 has started 😀

I am pretty excited for the OAuth module. We now have a JIRA project as well :

This week was productive in terms of deciding the scope of module. I took part in the Design Call on 18 May to discuss the OAuth module with the developers. Here are the slides from the presentation: Slides – OAuth module Design Call.

There is a thread on OpenMRS talk where we the discussion is being continued : OpenMRS Talk thread : OAuth2 support in RESTWS

I will be following this timeline for developing the OAuth module : OAuth2 Module Development Timeline

Also the FHIR module version 0.9 has been released. Hats off to all the contributors. It does feel good to have worked on FHIR module. I will be continuing my contributions here as well 😀

The coming week is lined up with final exams ( 1 exam everyday ) and hence I would be taking some time off the coding period. I will resume development from 30th May and you can except some really cool stuff coming along this summer 🙂 \m/


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